Accelerate Your Tech Career.

Land your dream job with the help of a private career coach.

Become a better engineer

What’s the most efficient way to learn problem-solving? How do we get better at system design? We provide you all the resources and guidelines needed to level up your skills.

Land a job

Is your resume not getting hits? Do you get passed over in interviews? We help you build confidence and techniques needed to succeed in interviews.

Get promoted

Is your manager seeing your value? How do you get started in management? We help you land that promotion and negotiate salary increases.

What do we offer?

Personally tailored career plan

We will work with you on a personal career plan to get you to the next stage of your career.

Weekly 1:1 calls

A weekly 1:1 call with your career coach to assist you to stay on track and course-correct as necessary.

Interview prep strategy

We will help you to come up with a personalized interview preparation strategy that gives you a paved path to follow.

Private discussion group

You will be part of a small and exclusive community where everyone collaborates together to solve each other’s problems.

Daily messaging

Reach out to your coach about an upcoming interview or any issues at work, Or message them if you simply just need some support, your coach is always there for you.

Specialized training

Need special assistance to straighten up your weaker domains? Our experts can have a special session with you to get you better at your area of weakness, be it dynamic programming, system design or behavioral interviews.

And more...

Mock interviews

Practice interviews with a FAANG / Unicorn interviewer to help you nail your next interview.

Resume review

We provide you model resumes and help you craft your resume to attract recruiters.

Salary negotiation

Get that salary and promotion you deserve. Learn negotiation tactics to maximize your earnings.

Complete privacy

We don't share your data with anyone. Your messages, calls, and data are completely private.

Free onboarding call

Get started with your free 15 minute session today. There's no obligation to purchase anything.

Cancel anytime

There are no long term commitments. You can cancel online at any time. You won't even hurt our feelings.

How does it work?

Intro coaching call

We’ll match you with a professional career coach based on your goals.  You’ll get a free 15-minute onboarding call to meet your coach, who will be either a current or ex FAANG engineer.

Setup personalized plan

Everyone’s at a different stage of their career. Your coach will work with you to identify your strengths and weaknesses and come up with a personalized interview strategy.

Weekly check-in
Talk to your coach every week. Bring up things that are not working for you and adjust your learning strategy. Your coach will make sure you are making progress in the right direction.
Daily messaging

Reach out to your coach about an upcoming interview or any issues at work, Or message them if you simply need some support – your coach is always there for you. 

Mastermind group

Be part of a small and exclusive online community that cares for each other’s success. Share your weight with people in the same boat as you.

On-demand help

Schedule an on-demand session with experts in each area. You get one 45-minute on-demand session every month. It can be training on your weaker areas like Dynamic Programing or a mock interview.


Who are you?

Our coaches have been in senior engineering and leadership roles in FAANG and Unicorns. They have been hiring managers themselves and have years of experience in helping people with their careers. 

Why is it called Shift Left?

The name came from bitwise shift left operation (x << 1) which essentially same as multiplying the integer by 2 (x * 2). Like the Shift Left operator, our goal is to be the multiplier in your career.

Does it work?

We are like your personal gym trainer. If you are motivated enough to hit the gym every day and know what routine works for you the best then you don’t really need a trainer. Similarly here if things are already working for you then you should rather double down on that. But if you think clear guidance and motivation will help you to be consistent and confident then this is the right tool for you. You will learn directly from people who have been there and done that. 


What’s the “not so secret” sauce?

We are calling our learning system the “Top sort method” after one of our favorite algorithms. We did not invent this process out of the blue though. We assembled some well known existing practices in sports and businesses (like Kata and Mastermind). We have experimented and refined our learning process over the last couple of years. We have mentored our friends and coworkers to become the best of themselves.

$1199 $899/ month

  • 15 minute onboarding call.
  • 4 weekly private check-ins.
  • 2 on-demand specialized trainings. *
  • 1 mock interview by a FAANG engineer.
  • Free resume review.
  • Access to an exclusive discussion group.  *

* We only take 7 people per cohort.